Constructability Review

Constructability Review Experts in Jacksonville, FL

Serving NE Florida and Georgia

A Constructability Review allows professionals to identify potential obstacles and challenges early on in the development process. The constructability review provides expert analysis and “build-ability” thinking into the design phase before the bid cycle begins.

The constructability review team at Fortress Engineering Group includes Professional Engineers, Certified Professional Inspectors, and Licensed Building Contractors.

Benefits of a Constructability Review

In addition to anticipating challenges to the actual construction of the project, our constructability review service can ensure design and specifications are clear, complete, and easily understood by all subcontractors.

Constructability Reviews performed by the professional team at Fortress Engineering Group have consistently identified opportunities to reduce project costs and improve development timelines. Additional benefits include:

  • Receive an unbiased opinion about whether the development phase can begin based on the quality of the architect’s drawings and specifications
  • Identification of items within the design which can be altered customized to your specific goals and objectives
  • Review and improvement of the overall “bid-ability” of the project through a deep understanding of specifications and drawings