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Structural Engineers – New Residential & Commercial Construction

Professional Engineering Services By Engineering & Construction Experts

Our structural engineering services provide expert analysis, design, and detailed documents with unsurpassed quality, reliability, integrity, timeliness, and ingenuity. Many of the top contractors in Florida continue to choose Fortress Engineering Group for new construction projects of all sizes, including custom homes, commercial office buildings, and large multifamily residential complexes.

As a licensed building contractor, our experience throughout all phases of the construction process allows us to create expert structural design drawings with detailed specifications which are laid out exactly the way contractors prefer.

Cost Effective Structural Engineering

Our experience in construction and engineering allows us to provide value engineering services in every design by considering constructability and cost for the contractor. If we can design with a more cost-effective material or design a specific structure which is easier and/or faster to construct, we are able to help our clients reduce overall cost and complete projects in less time.

Our structural engineers are based in Jacksonville, Florida, and have extensive experience designing residential and commercial projects throughout Northeast Florida and Georgia.

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