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Structural Engineering Professionals in Jacksonville, FL

Fortress Engineering Group is a leading provider of expert engineering services for renovations, remodeling, and additions throughout Northeast Florida and Georgia. As a licensed building contractor with over a decade of experience, we are able to design plans with specific analysis of constructability and cost for the contractor, often reducing overall construction time and investment.
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Residential Remodels & Additions

Structural design drawings are required for most renovations, large or small. Whether you are wanting to remove a load bearing wall to open up a space, or you’re renovating an entire residence, a licensed structural engineer will be required. As licensed structural engineers we provide structural designs for the altered loads and bearing conditions to ensure the structure is built in a safe manner that meets the Florida Building Code.

Our team of professionals typically performs an initial site visit to document the existing conditions and structural parameters, determine your project goals and scope, and provide a proposal for the structural engineering required for the project. We are typically able to provide engineered drawings within 4-6 weeks for most residential projects.

Load Bearing Wall Removals

The first step in removing interior walls is determining if the wall is load bearing. Our firm performs a thorough inspection to determine if certain walls are providing structural support to the adjacent walls, floors, and roof structure. The required design services are then outlined as needed. Most wall removals can be designed using engineered beam and post assemblies that transfer the vertical and lateral loads to the buildings’ foundation.

Additional Engineering Planning & Inspection Projects

  • Adding a deck or front porch
  • Adding a new staircase
  • Adding larger doors or windows
  • Converting existing ceiling to a vaulted ceiling