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Structural Engineering Professionals in Jacksonville, FL

Fortress Engineering Group is a leading provider of expert engineering services for renovations, remodeling, and additions throughout Northeast Florida and Georgia. As a licensed general contractor with over a decade of experience, we are able to design plans with specific analysis of constructability and cost for the contractor, often reducing overall construction time and investment.
structural engineering jacksonville FL kitchen remodel

Bathroom Remodel And Kitchen Renovation

Two popular remodeling and renovation projects begin with a beautiful idea for a partial or complete bathroom remodel, and an open floor plan conversion for your kitchen. While your remodeling project may begin with updates that seem purely cosmetic, a structural engineer will be necessary for most bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovation projects.

Bathroom Remodel
Homes are designed to support loads based on the original plans in a specific way. If loads are shifted to areas of the home which weren’t designed to support them, this new weight can cause costly structural damage. Examples include moving a window, changing the shape of your shower or closet, adding or moving plumbing, and installing a whirlpool bath.

Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation
Kitchen remodeling projects often include design plans and beautiful renderings, and a structural engineer will be required to perform calculations and provide structural details. If your plan requires adjustments to a load bearing wall, the structural engineers at Fortress Engineering Group can design a beam and column system to replace the wall.

Additional Engineering Planning & Inspection Projects

  • Adding a deck or front porch
  • Adding a new staircase
  • Adding larger doors or windows
  • Converting existing ceiling to a vaulted ceiling